Saturday, December 15, 2007

Puff and it was Gone!!!

On her way to the junk yard...
Today started out like any other day, with the exception of getting a call from the lovely Jules. I'm still not sure if that was good or bad. We talked for about 20 minutes trying to iron out some things that need to stray wrinkled, I guess. Because I never had dinner last night, I rummaged through the refrigerator to rustle up something to eat. Because of my trip to Costco, I stocked up on breakfast foods, like sausage and 25 LB of potatoes, and eggs. After a hearty breakfast, I was ready for the world. I approached the computer and it had been giving me trouble lately with freezing and just going to a white screen with an hour glass. I rebooted and nothing. It wouldn't even light up. I learned from my father many years ago, when a machine like a television or a toaster gave you trouble, you hit it. Hit it good. A good smack usually near the area that has given you grief and that should do the trick. Well, I smacked the computer and it didn't do anything, same problem. So I smacked it again and it started making a repetitious noise and then there was a cloud of smoke and that burning plastic smell. That never happened to my father! I unplugged it and accepted my fate. She was gone. I think I got my money's worth out of it. It was one of the hard to get E-Machines that are so popular with cheap people. I bought it for my office about 5 years ago and when I closed it about 4 years ago, I brought it home and used it daily. The old girl had I had been through a lot of stories together and I'm going to miss her. I'm going to bring her down to the lot for Paul to play with. His father was and is a computer repair person and Paul can fix about anything. The problem is, Paul usually fixes things at his own pace, that's usually after I get fed up and give the item to him. Then he shows me how great it turned out. If any of my readers want to put me back on their Christmas gift list (Julie) I sure can use a new computer!

I'm currently reduced to using this old laptop that Randi gave me years ago and all of the keys don't work. For example, I have to draw in all of the N's and P's by hand as those keys are frozen. I really takes me a long time to write anything and sometimes I spell words like Temmessee differently. No, that's not a lisp!

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