Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Memorable Experience...

Something very strange just happened to me. I went to A to Z Rents to refill my propane tanks and I was the second customer in line to get gas. The gentleman that was carrying his filled tank to his car spoke to me in a very friendly way for a stranger and naturally I returned the kind thoughts he offered. I was about to put my empty tanks on the little stool for filling, when the attendant took them from me and did it for me. He was extremely friendly and asked me when I thought it might warm up just a tad. I replied, July for sure! He gave me a legitimate laugh and then another employee tapped him on the shoulder and suggested he go and take a break, that he'd been out here with customers for a long time and the intruding employee would take over for a while. They exchanged smiles and did exactly what the replacement guy suggested. The first employee wished me a happy new year and disappeared into the back. Now, with a big smile, the new guy says, gonna grill something special tonight? I tell him no, it's just that time to refill. He filled my two tanks and sent me inside to pay. A friendly woman saw me and told me she could take my money over here. I replied, god, I haven't been able to find a woman to take my money since the divorce. That got a hearty laugh from the lady and the guy next to her. Everyone was so fucking nice, that I decided I wanted to work at A to Z rents too! Could this be the result of the Christmas spirit or did they have a meeting this morning and the boss yelled at them for not being nice to the customers. Whatever the reason, it sure was nice to be the victim of the new approach to retail operations. And these people were working on a Sunday too! Happy New Year!

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