Monday, July 6, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust...

I was speaking with a new lady tonight, someone I found on the dating services that I'm a member of. Let's call her Cathy. She's an intelligent woman, about 51 years old, owns her own business and is almost finished writing her first book, a mystery. The fact that she writes is what initially attracted me to her in addition to her good looks. She's 5' 7", thin and pleasant with a speaker's voice. She seems to appreciate my sense of humor and laughs at just the right times. I was sharing with her a story about a woman that I had spoken with last week, actually it was GaYle or JaYne or someone with a Y stuck in the middle of their name for no apparent reason.

This conversation I was making reference to was quickly approaching the 3 hour point, when I decided to share a personal fact about me, that was going to require some explaining. Unknown to me, GaYle had had her share of Bailey's, plus an Ambien prior to my calling, or so she said. My topic took about 20 minutes to explain, it wasn't quick, but I felt her worthy of hearing it. It wasn't something I share with everyone, but GaYle seemed to be experiencing a similar problem.

As I told this story, GaYle responded with all of the appropriate uh huhs, and yeahs. I continued down this story road to the end of the story. I thought GaYle was a great listener, as she wasn't even commenting as I confessed along. As I approached the end of the story with the climax in sight, I paused to say, are you following me, but she was so intent on hearing the finish that she was again silent.......... I finished and was awaiting her final reaction, but there just silence. Too much silence for someone that was awake. I'd say about 6 or 7 seconds passed and she finally reacted with a .......................hello!

Now I was silent with an least 6 or 7 seconds of silence as the fact that she was completely asleep sunk in. She started apologizing for her falling asleep and this never happens and she's awfully tired and do I mind of we talk again tomorrow? All I could think of saying was, "Don't expect me to tell that whole thing again"! She said okay and hung up.

Damn, put another one to sleep!

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