Saturday, July 25, 2009


As previously admitted in a previous post, I once again admit an addiction to Brach's Starbursts. The little red and white spiral mint flavored candies. I buy them at Costco Business, at 7 LB for $4.99. I'm currently on my 3rd bag, that's 21 LB of pure sugar. Guess who else likes Brach's Starbursts? Dippy. Dippy ate them with me last night and went "one for one" with me all evening. In addition to eating the delicious treat, I take the cellophane wrapper, roll it into a long thin tubular form and tie it into a knot. It took me quite a long time to do it effectively, but after eating the 21 LB of candy, something should come of it in addition to toothaches. Last night, I braggingly showed Dippy my ability to accomplish this and she was able to duplicate my talent within seconds. As I stood there aghast, I taunted her with, "I'll bet you can't tie it into a second knot". To my surprise, and frankly I've never even attempted it, she was able to tie it into a second knot with a little effort. That's when I mentioned it was almost 3 AM and we'd better call it a night!

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Jules said...

Just dropped by to fatten up your comment section.
Thanks for talking me "down" yesterday. AGAIN.