Sunday, July 5, 2009

Would YOU Trust this Man?

Neyo Pumping

It seems there is no end to the scam artists on Craigslist. I just re-placed my ad to keep it fresh and it was like fishing for Blue Gills with worms. I no sooner threw my line into the pond and got a nibble. This one was from Neyo Pumping. Initially I thought it was a septic tank company, but when I Googled him I got his picture and his country of origin, which was Nigeria. I have to tell you, if you're from Nigeria these days, better keep it a secret! Here is a copy of his email. It's almost a carbon cope of the other one. Who's falling for these scams?

I really appreciate your response to my email.I want you to consider it sold, pls do withdraw the advert from craigslist to avoid disturbance.I want you to know that i will be paying via bankcertified check .I will like you to provide me with the following.information to facilitate the mailing of the check to you ...
1.....Full name to write on the check2.....Full Physical address to post the check3.....City, State and Zip Code
4.....Home & Cell Phone to contact you*** Note that the payment will be shiped to your address via UPS NEXTDAY SERVICE and I will like you to know that you will not beresponsible for shipping i will have my mover come over as soon as youhave cashed the check** Thanks

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