Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 69th Anniversary Mom and Dad

On this day, July 07 in 1940, a young couple stood opposite one another and repeated "I do". He was 27 and she a year younger. Those two people shared my last name as they were my mother and father. Somehow they stayed together for some 47 years, when SHE suffered an aneurysm and suddenly passed away at the age of 69.

HE, not being the kind of man that did much for himself, suffered the loss, but suddenly realized he needed someone else to survive. Fortunately the Internet wasn't an option, so he first investigated some of the women in his Miami apartment building. Suddenly he was marching a plethora of women in front of me, asking me what I thought of them. One woman that he brought to AZ to show off, we gave up our bed to them, and he never mentioned she was married until after they had left. Suddenly the father/son roles were reversing. I really didn't know what to do with him. Dad had a friend named Mitch that he'd known since they were kids and Mitch had a girlfriend and she had a friend for Dad. Her name was Adrienne and a worse example of New York, Jewess, Prima Donna, Mockey (Yiddish for pimple) could not have been found if he had tried. I'll save her for another time. (no I won't).

I picked up Dad and Adrienne at the airport and my son Brad was in the car. I was driving an almost new 92 Volvo and when you put that car in drive, the door locks automatically locked. As we pulled up to the grocery store to pick up a few things that Adrienne couldn't live without, she attempted to open her back door finding it was locked. She looked at me and exclaimed, You locked the door, you jerk"! Brad looked at me knowing full well that there would soon be a show down. There was, but I'll save THAT for another time. That visit was just horrible.

In 1995, Brad and I found ourselves in Chicago to visit our new born granddaughter and niece and we went to Palatine to visit my deceased mother's grave. It was a surprisingly sunny day in October, for that part of the country. We had a difficult time finding it, at first. When we did find it, Brad seemed to wander off, leaving me alone with her. I chatted with her for a time, explaining why we were there and how she was a Great Grandmother now and a brief report on how everyone was doing. Then I got to my father and I told her that she didn't EVEN want to know what was going on with Dad. Suddenly, out of a clear sunny sky, there was a crack of thunder and a downpour that was the likes of nothing I'd ever seen. Brad and I ran to the car getting soaked, when Brad yelled to me, "Why in the world did you decide to piss her off???"

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Entertaining reading as always! Family stories are the best!