Monday, July 13, 2009

Making that all Important Choice

Today I had my first realtor come out to the house. I called this guy and was not impressed with the fact that he called me back from a cell phone that was his advertised number, but it was in a woman's name with a different last name than his. He called to confirm our appointment a half hour early and I replied that I'd see him in 32 minutes. When he was 12 minutes late, I was prepared to dislike this man, if only because he didn't respect punctuality.
Suddenly he pulled up in front of the house with a silver Mercedes, rolling on the biggest chrome wheels in captivity. He got out of his car leaving it sticking out in the street about 4 feet and walked up to the door. I opened the door to a cleanly shaved head, worn by a man over 6' 4" with a business card in one hand and a sneaky moustache clinging to his manicured lip. I was prepared not to like this guy that was going to rob me of hard earned money, called "commission".
I offered him a handshake and a seat and thought I'd make quick work of this guy and get to someone that might impress me a little more, when suddenly he spoke and he was factual, knowledgeable, truthful and honest and had a certain poise about him that was pleasing and reassuring.
I shared my situation with him and began to like and respect him. I asked him about his competition and he praised them all, never once mentioning that he could do a better job. Although I have 2 other appointments with other Realtors, a nasty task, I'm probably going to go with Kent at this point.

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