Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last Night with Dippy...

Last night Dippy and I had our first date after our "interview" meeting last week. She came to pick me up around 8 PM, after driving past my house and backtracking about 6 houses to see a man standing in his driveway waving. That would be me. We entered through the front door creating what I like to call, "the grand tour" of the house. We entered through the foyer and our first sighting being the grand formal living room and dining room that no one has ever entered besides my 2 dogs to relieve themselves and LJ who always insisted on inviting the 2 dogs in there for a romp.

After the tour, including a full description and viewing of the backyard and it's individual foliage, we left for none other than Tutti Santi's for a romantic Italian dinner. The evenings entertainment consisted of my saying meaningless things to our waitress that really couldn't catch on to my demented personality. Things like, when we ordered, she asked if there would be anything else, I replied, yes balloons please! Not knowing what to respond and exposing her "flabberghastedness", she exited.

The next act to be enjoyed was a woman at the next table that was clearly 30 LB overweight, exposing her thong stuffed tightly up her ass. Naturally that brought us to the topic of women's underwear and I was pleased to hear that Dippy follows women's fashion and there will be no granny pant sightings, if we ever get to that?

I had the Chicken Parmigiana and Dippy ordered the Halibut Special, commenting that it was one of the best things she's ever tasted. I was glad I'd suggested it until she all but insisted that I try a bite, offering me her fork. I went reeling back to my childhood where my mother all but force fed me fish, warning me not to swallow the bones, as I will die a horrible death by choking. I understand the advantages of Omega 3, but still cannot palate fish!

After dinner and Dippy actually offered to buy, we decided to come back to my house to talk. And talk we did until Dippy noticed it was after 1 AM. The time blew by and pretty soon it was 3 AM. I offered her to spend the night, we could stay up and talk or whatever? Although I think dippy considered it, we both agreed that some things are better with time. My testosterone levels MUST be diminishing, because I actually thought so too..................then!

Linda excused herself to the ladies room, but I explained we didn't have one here and the men's room will have to do. She used it and we walked out to the driveway, where her car awaited. After a nice semi-passionate kiss goodnight, our first real kiss, she drove away. I went into the house and used the restroom myself and noticed that Dippy had changed the toilet paper roll and she had put it on backwards. The paper had to be pulled from the top, instead of the bottom, WHERE IT BELONGS! I just looked at it for awhile and realized that there was a time in my life that I would have to have it the RIGHT WAY! But those days are gone and I no longer need to control EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE. So I just left it that way, because her way is just as good as MY WAY! Although as I sit here, there is nothing else going through my Obsessive Compulsive mind...

I got a text from Dippy at 3:36 AM saying she'd had a great time and thanks! I slept till 11 AM.

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