Thursday, July 16, 2009

Interview Number 2.

What makes a person drop the proverbial ball? In my last post, I raved about how this guy really impressed me with his sales technique and how he had won me over, a seasoned salesman. He left with a firm handshake and several post meeting promises and I never heard another word from him again. Could it be he didn't believe in me? Did he not think I would make a good client? Was my house too difficult a house for him to sell. When someone lets you down, you tend to think the worst. The truth is, my "super salesman" seemingly has a problem. There is a reason that he has a cell phone in another person's name. There's a reason that he couldn't be on time for our first appointment. Was he a drug addict or just an alcoholic? Is he predestined for failure which is certain with his present technique. Either way, he won't be my realtor.
Next I interviewed a couple of women that came out on Wednesday. The first lady I met on a dating service and although I didn't feel we were a good match, I still thought she had a lot of integrity and remembered she sold real estate. I remembered her as an after thought. When she called, she asked if she could bring her partner, a woman that had sold real estate for 26 years, compared to her meager 5 years in the business. I said sure, the more the merrier!
Did you ever meet someone that you immediately disliked? Was our chemistry was wrong or did she wear the wrong colors? I don't know, but I just found her annoying. She was an overweight woman about 58 years old. She didn't make eye contact when she spoke, didn't command respect with her tone and said things like, "if I don't hurry, I will not get too much for my house". When I told her the rush act won't work on me, she grabbed her tape measure and began measuring my rooms. That just confused me, as my friend and I just chatted about my house. After the 2 1/2 hour interview, my friend sent me an email saying that they discussed it and would be willing to discount their commission to get the listing. Even with the discount, I wouldn't want to be associated with THAT woman.
Saturday morning another lady is coming over and we'll discuss my needs and wants. So far this woman seems to understand me. She told me that there was a house just like mine for sale a block over and it's empty. I said good, we can go over and inspect it, I actually need a few things! She laughed and said she thinks we'll get along just fine.

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