Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bio Gone Horribly Wrong... (Anger Issues)

You know, being an Internet "Dating Guy", I read a lot of profiles about women. Some refer to them as bios, but they're always the same thing. I little paragraph about the individual that is their opportunity to sell themselves to potential suitors. It's their 15 seconds of fame, if you will? Time to shine or be passed over for a more suitable description of the misery that they're going through. No one on these venues are happy. They're all looking for the same thing, a significant other to share their lives with. Someone to worry about, care about and share a life with.

Some think it's their opportunity to voice their political opinions, others get a chance to defile their ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, or ex-life partner. Some expose their poetry to the public for the first time, while others get the chance to show their love for their God. I was telling someone last night that I'd like to compile a book of "profiles gone wrong"and try to get it published. She thought it was an excellent idea. The problem is, I haven't a clue on how to write a book!

One profile that caught my eye a few days ago displayed some anger issues that I thought that you might only want to approach with a straight jacket. For your reading pleasure I have transposed it onto my blog. If after reading it, you still want to try Internet dating...........good luck!

This was composed by an attractive 49 year old woman, whose headline was "Looking for a Man, not a One Niter!"

About Me:
Hello, thanks for stopping by to read my profile! ;) I am a Midwest gal with the Midwest values. And yes, I am a Packer Fan!! I value friendship and someone who is honest and sincere. I am not looking for that "one night stand"! So buddy, if your looking for a piece of ass, keep on lookin, there are plenty of STD's out there to go around!!! I'm not a gold digger. I don't care how much money you make or have in the bank, because if your an ***hole your an ***hole, if your a broke ass or a millionaire. If you don't make much money, or have sufficient work, don't expect to shack up with me, because I'M NOT GOING TO SUPPORT YOU!!! I have three kids, I don't need another one!Now,on the ligher side of things... I would like to meet someone that is fun, and easy going, easy to talk to. I don't care for people who snap at at someone for no good reason, or talk down to my kids and say rude things. I WILL NOT TOLLERATE THAT! I do appreciate a mature man. I enjoy the simple things in life that comes with little effort. Compassion, understanding would be wonderful. I would enjoy meeting someone that can have fun doing just about anything, someone who will do things together, even though it may not be their favorite thing to do, but will, just to be with the person their with. I enjoy having family fun with my kids, and welcome someone who has those teenage kids. I really like going to all kinds of events. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, country, rock, 70's,80's, though I really am not a huge fan of Rap. Would like to meet someone that isnt afraid to be friends even if the chemistry is not there. Someone to chat with or perhaps get together, even "dutch" to go an event or movie works for me! Politeness goes a long way with me, and if your not polite to me and my kids, you won't be around for long. No one can have too many friends in life..true friends that is. Drop me a note and say hi, don't be shy, if nothing else you can make a friend. Right?

First Date: Meet at a resturant for a drink and chat ...............................(wear body armor!)

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