Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All About Facebook

Sandy Goldberg

Along with every red blooded American, I belong to Facebook. I don't really know why. When I was first invited to join Facebook, it was from some potential girlfriend. I became her friend on Facebook, but unfortunately not in real life. We moved on. As I understood it, it was a great way to network, but network what? So I'm a member, I belong, I check it periodically to find out what various friends are up to. Some friends post almost everyday, others......never. I'm one of the ones that posts seldom.

One day about a month ago, I was contacted by a woman named Sandy Goldberg. She claimed she went to high school with me and suddenly I pictured a girl named Sandy that not only went to high school with me, but was in my class all of the way since 4th grade. I later discovered that her name was Sandy Eisenberg, not Goldberg. I clearly confused my bergs!

I called my friend Barry in Naples, FL. and asked him who Sandy Goldberg was and he explained to me that she was that mousy little girl that Warren Wiczer dated back in our sophomore year. HER, I yelled. I didn't know her. But it was too late, she was already my friend on Facebook. I let her remain, as I really don't care. So I have a friend that I never knew. How was that going to hurt me? Having any friend is always an asset.

Two or three days ago, Sandy Goldberg suggested I make friends with another high school chum, Barbara Cooper Gould. I didn't think I knew her, but she probably knew me if our mutual friend Sandy Goldberg suggested her. I was then required to send out a friend request to Barbara Cooper Gould. Today I received a message from Barbara Cooper Gould and it turned into a dialogue. It went something like this:

Barbara Cooper Gould

Barbara Cooper Gould
Today at 3:52pm

where did we meet what school did you go to

Mel Fisher
Today at 4:02pm
I went to Niles East and I don't think we know each other, although your name sounds familiar, lol. This is hysterical because Sandy Goldberg Marx (who I don't know either) suggested I add you as a friend because we all went to school together. I asked my friend Barry Klayman, who I speak with often, who Sandy Goldberg was and he said, she was Warren Wiczers old girlfriend. Now, that should clear it all up, lol...


Barbara Cooper Gould
Today at 5:03pm
Yes of cource now it all makes sence i am new to this and do not know what i am doing i would like to find a wonderful guy for my wonderful daughter she is beaufiful inside as well as outside do you or any of your friends jnow some one in chicago or the surrounding suburbs???

It appears that people all join Facebook for different reasons.

So this is what Facebook is all about!!!

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