Saturday, July 4, 2009

Plenty of Fish in the Sea...(using the wrong bait?)

I'm not exactly sure how this happened. I really haven't seen JaYne since our date on Wed. We've exchanged email and a few text messages and suddenly out of nowhere, she DUMPED me! ME, the DUMPER, got DUMPED. How did this happen? I've got to tell you, these days if you're gonna dump someone, you really have to move fast or BAM, they get you!
After our interview date on Wednesday, I sent her a nice email saying that I'd like to see her again and that I found her "Down to Earth" and good at filling out tight jeans. She wrote me back that she found me funny, handsome and able to tell a good story. She agreed to see me again and I was good with that.
The week moved along and we text messaged a few times, pretty light stuff, I didn't want to over burden her with a lot of Mel stuff. On Friday night I texted her, asking when she was leaving for her vacation that she had mentioned. She replied, "in one week." Next I texted that I'd like to call her if she wasn't busy. She replied that she was out with the ladies drinking Sangria. I told her I'd try to call later then, but never did, as I didn't want to seem anxious because I really wasn't. About an hour later she texted me out of the blue that she was out with some new friends, actually friends of one of her friends and these ladies are hilarious. I replied that if she needed a ride, not to hesitate to call, as the cops are thick tonight. She thanked me and I didn't hear from her after that. Then this morning, I awakened to several emails and one was from her. Here it is for your inspection. Perhaps one of you experts in relationships can explain this to me, NMS.
Good morning, Mel,
I'm up and moving on this fine, sweltering morning. Happy Fourth of July.
Last weekend I hid my profile on POF again. I do that often because I just can't stand the Internet dating thing for very long. I wanted to meet you and see if we connected, before I dropped out of the "Looking for Mr. Right" hunt. I had expected that we wouldn't connect and I could wish you well and move on. I should have just put it off because I kind of like you but, I can't give you the full emotional me right now..... you may ring my bells, but the bells are tired and weary and just don't have much of a tenor to them. You deserve more.

I think it best if we put things on hold, and maybe, if you haven't met the woman of your dreams when I am ready to resume the hunt, we could dance the dance.
Hugs, Jayne
What do you think about that?
So the search continues... At first I believed what she wrote and was actually waiting for her to get back in the mood, when reality set in and I realized, you don't throw away a perfectly good dollar, just because you're not in the mood to spend it right now. Oh well, there are still "Plenty of Fish" in the sea. You suppose I'm using bad bait?

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Anonymous said...

OK, it seems to me that she doesn't like tooo much contact. Light and easy. You also offered to give her a ride home, etc. Too much help too soon (yeah, I know you are a nice guy but it does sound clingy so early in this "relationship")... Moving??NMS