Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost Done with Lloyd...

I left the house a little after 12:30 for my 1:00PM appointment, arriving right on time. I was offered an opportunity to use the restroom before we started that I took full advantage of, because little did I know that the dentist had cleared his schedule to finish my work today. Do you know what that meant to me? That meant I was to spend 3 1/2 hours in the dentist's chair, experiencing full blown, white knuckled terror for the balance of the afternoon. That's right, 3 1/2 hours of "Are you okay"? "Did that hurt"? "Almost done here"..and of course rthe infamous, "rinse"...... I didn't get home until 5 PM.

One notable observation is that Sabrina, the faithful assistant, may in fact not possess any body parts, other than a face and hands. She wears light green scrubs and a worn out hoody that is so threadbare that I'm actually embarrassed for her. She has nothing that could represent breasts or buttocks and possesses no lumps or bumps of any fashion. She could be my very first Droid! Moving on...

In the past few weeks, I've accomplished 3 root canals, several temporary fillings, the reaming out of numerous canals, the removal of mindless matter that my former butcher/dentist threw into my canals of my roots and lots of ex-rays. I'm done with the tough stuff and my appointment for Wednesday, just 2 days from today,often times referred to as the day after tomorrow, is for a full set ex-rays, a cleaning, and the final installation of my 3 new crowns. I suspect I'm going to miss Lloyd's constant humming and asking me questions while he's drilling. What I don't think I'll miss is the long hair, classical music that he listens to daily. Wednesday, I'm bringing an iPod!

I spent 3 1/2 hours today with the hands of a strange man in my mouth and I should have investigated more thoroughly as to what he was doing. After the numbing agent wore off, I'm certain he was using an air hammer! He's the only dentist in Arizona that wears a hard hat!

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