Saturday, July 3, 2010

On this Day...

On this day in 1968, I was at the Hidden Cove Lounge on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. The owner, a Fred Bloom, walked in with his girlfriend Carol and another girl that was a lot more than cute, so I married her. That's how we met. She was the girlfriend of the bar owners girlfriend and they walked in from an evening of bar hopping and introduced me and I was hooked. We met on 7/3/68 and got married on 8/7/68, 5 weeks later, in downtown Chicago in front of a judge. He was an older man and had a difficult time seeing. When he asked me if I took her hand in marriage, he called me Marilyn. My legal name is Melvyn. Must have been the Y that messed him up. So Barbara McCaffery and Marilyn Fisher got married and lived happily ever after.................for awhile.

On this day in 1991, my second marriage wasn't going too swell and my betrothed called 911 in a drunken stupor to let me know that she could. Then she hung up on the operator........twice. Well, they didn't figure it for a wrong number and decided to come over anyway. My older son had just walked in from getting us Whoppers and the local Burger King and my 2 sons and I were sitting there with out mouths full when the front door opened without the advantage of a knock. With a pickle sticking out of my mouth, I welcomed them for lunch. The cops, thinking I was a wise guy (I was) asked who called 911 and I proceeded to explain the issue. They wanted to speak with the lady of the house, so I went into the bedroom and roused her. She had a drinking problem. She wobbled out to talk with the police, who were satisfied that there was no domestic violence going on, and went out into the front of the house to watch fireworks coming from Rawhide. After about 5 minutes, I asked if they could go somewhere else and watch the show, my neighbors are starting to form a crowd. They left.

When things quieted down, I packed up most of her things and my son Brad helped me and tossed wife number 2 over my shoulder and carried he out to the car. We dropped her and her things off at her daughter's house and when she awakened, she was separated. No muss, no fuss! Those are my memories from this day.

I got both a phone call from Barry, who spoke with Harvey's wife, and an email from her that Harvey came out of Coronary bypass surgery and is recovering. The surgery went well and it was Friday morning. He made it through the first 24 hours without any complications and if starting to yell orders to the nursing staff, so things are well on their was back to normal.

Enjoy your Fourth of July weekend, drink responsibly or not at all.

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