Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dentist Visit 2

I made it through another dentist's appointment today. I think I'm okay. It went something like this.

My appointment was made last Thursday, after my very first visit to Lloyd. We both agreed that it was a holiday and were fine with it. That's when Sabrina, the assistant remarked that she didn't know that and has been booking appointments all day for him. I spotted a dirty look, but they ironed that out after I left. Sabrina, a single girl, looks to be about 40, but the lines around her eyes tell a different story, but I'm not there to find a date. I fill my prescriptions for Darvon (Yea) and another Z-pak and head home to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Sunday night, I can't sleep a wink in spite of 2 Benedril, 1 Terazadone (which usually knocks me on my butt) 3 hours of reading and 21 infomercials. I drift off to the imaginary sound of a dentist's drill around 5 AM and get up about 8. I shower, shave and drink some coffee. At 9, the phone plays a song and it's Lloyd, only the name doesn't ring a bell. I'm immediately thinking he's calling about a car for sale, when he mentions he's my dentist. I acknowledge him and he tells me he's still moving and can we make it tomorrow at 11 AM, making that today, Tuesday. Overjoyed, I virtually scream out "PERFECT"! I'm sure he doesn't understand my joy, but who gives a shit. I've received a reprieve! a 24 hour stay of execution. I hang up and begin to worry. I'm thinking, I don't want my dentist moving anymore than I want Picasso working on a rock pile. His hands are valuable to me. What if he sprains his wrist and has to drill on me lefty? I worry all day that he'll hurt himself moving and his drilling arm will be in a sling. SHIT!

Last night, same routine. I can't sleep knowing it's coming, and by now I'm doing a count down, as for the hour of my drilling session. I didn't complain because I didn't want another man to see me cry, but it hurt. It hurt that indescribable hurt that only a dentist's high speed drill can can cause. That shrill, high pitched kind of pain. I get the Willies every time I even think of it. No sleep all night, climb out of bed at about 8 and head for the shower. I shower, shave and brush my remaining hair. I get dressed and am waiting for my 11 appointment, when the phone rings and it's Sabrina. Can we reschedule you for 12 noon, doctor's in a doctor's meeting... I figure he's wrapping his sprained wrist.

It did occur to me that I'd paid up front for all of this work, to get this discount. So far he's got all the money and I've got 3 rescheduled appointments. I worry just a little. All of my worries were for nothing. The guy is great with the exception of a couple of things. First, right through his mask, his breath stinks. He tells me every week, 2 in a row that the stereo is broken and he needs to replace it, but doesn't. He hums when he works and it concerns me. How would you like to have a strange guy about 6 inches from your face with bad breath, humming. Do you say anything and hurt his feeling or let it go. I said nothing until he politely told me sometimes he hums when he's working and it's because he gets a tune in his head and hums it all day. Suddenly I understand why he's getting divorced. I turned to him and explained that he's really a candidate for a STEREO!

Okay, Lloyd with his unscathed wrist, drilled for so long and so deep that at some point I felt a small draft on the back side of my eye ball. I mentioned it to him during a break and he thought it might have been my imagination..... hmmm.......??? He filled me up with some medicine and a temporary filling and scheduled me for next Monday at 1. I need to get some better sleeping drugs. Maybe that stuff that Michael Jackson used.....................Propofol?

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Suzanne said...

Seems like you and Lloyd have known each other for a long time. And reading from your post, I can tell that he is pretty good with his hands.

Well, my relationship with my Laurel, MD dentist is about the same as yours. He treats me like a friend and a patient at the same time.

I'm going to visit my dentist, Laurel, MD clinic again next week and the thought of you and your humming dentist will probably come back and entertain me.

It's fun reading your blog. Keep posting! I would love to read more...