Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tooth Report...

It's over 48 hours since my last dental appointment, where Lloyd did a double root canal on me and the pain has still not subsided, so I did what Lloyd said. I called and told him of my pain. I spoke with Sabrina, who I had an appointment with today for my ex-rays and teeth cleaning. She told Lloyd, who was torturing another patient and came back to the phone telling me I had an infection in one of the teeth and needed yet another dose of antibiotics. I asked if Lloyd was going to be around today, in case I needed him in getting more drugs and Sabrina told me no. He was heading to the airport to pick up Mom, whose flying in from out of town, for a visit. Why do I feel like a player in the hit show, Mayberry RFD?

I just called Costco to see if my prescription is ready and spoke with Marla. She said she was typing it right now, but they're going to lunch in 10 minutes, so wait an hour to come to pick it up. I do live in Mayberry RFD! So with my throbbing jaw, I spent yet another sleepless night watching the clock go slowly through it's routine. Funny how some things never change here in Mayberry RFD?

Anybody know what the RFD stood for?

Well, it appears that I posted this story before it played out. I waited an hour and then drove over to Costco, where Marla was waiting patiently for me. She hand me my new prescription of Tetrzolomotomo0doo (sp) and asked me for $53.35. I casually mentioned that the Z-packs were less than 10 bucks, she laughed and advised me that the pharmacist wants a moment with me to advise me of a possible drug interaction. I thought she said "drug intervention" and started looking for television cameras.

Nancy took me aside and told me that if I was allergic to Penicillin, that I'd also be allergic to this new drug too. I told her I was allergic to Penicillin and can I please have my $53.35 back. She said, certainly and called Lloyd, who switched me back to my 4th Z-pack

Here's what I learned from this experience...... RFD means, "Rural Free Delivery!"


Jules said...

Raw Fuckin Deal

Jules said...

...Or Rural Free Delivery