Monday, July 12, 2010

Dentist Visit 3

I just got home from white knuckle session 3, only no white knuckles. My infection is gone and I never got a chance to complain about anything besides the music. Lloyd finally got the old stereo working, only to find out he listens to long hair, classical music. It's like being on an elevator and never arriving at your floor! I always was fond of this type of music until today, when I had 2 full hours of it forced into my ears. Not only that, but Lloyd hums to it non-stop.

My visit lasted 2 hours and he finally did all of the stuff and fitted me for a temporary crown. I know I'm supposedly getting a deal, but are those supposed to be made out of wood? I thought George Washington was the last guy to get a sliver in his tongue. I didn't have the first hint of pain, but Lloyd warned me that it may hurt a little when the shot wears off. Well, it's wearing off and now I remember him using a potato peeler on my gums to move them out of the way. Are they a little sore? Hell yes!

I also found out a lot about old Lloyd. He's been a dentist for bout 20 years and he chose dentistry because he likes to work with his hands and didn't want to get them dirty. He's the kind of guy that works on fine Swiss time pieces. He like to work with his hands, as I mentioned, but he likes to work in a small space. His baby brother in a heart surgeon in CA and his mom was a nurse and dad is a teacher. Lloyds' got his PHD. too. Turns out that Lloyd is no dummy and a pretty good dentist (so far). I love when I make a random choice and it turns out to be a good one, aside from the humming! My next appointment is for next Monday and he said not to make any plans for the afternoon. He's planning on doing the other two root canals and temporary crowns and since they're next door neighbors, he'll do them at the same time...................ouch!

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