Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Cool Breezy 115 degrees...

June 26, 1990 was the hottest day in Phoenix history. According too the record books, it hit 122 degrees that day, but I had also heard they had just moved the location at Sky Harbor Airport to it's official new location and the "old" location read 124 degrees, but this is not verified. Today FELT like the hottest day ever with the Mercury rising to 115. To say that if you forgot your sweater today, you'd still be fine!

I remember June 26th, 1990, as I had just had 2 skylights installed in our otherwise rather dark living room. The carpenter that I hired hadn't wrapped the sky light's tunnels with insulation yet and when you walked under them, you needed to put up your arm to shield your face from the intense heat. The living room, with the help of air conditioning, would not get any cooler than 90 plus degrees. Our freeways were completely bound up with overheated cars and the city kind of stood still. For those of you that have been suffering with record temperatures in the East, try 122 for size and as my father used to say, we'll give you something to cry about! Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter.

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