Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Pains in the Ass... & One's a Tooth

Here's something I wasn't expecting. Remember how pleased I was with my choice of dentist? Well, a week ago Monday, Lloyd performed a double root canal on my lower right jaw and then prescribed an antibiotic that I was clearly allergic to and thanks to the staff at Costco, the problem was recognized and circumvented. A full week later, I was still eating oatmeal 3 times a day, as the tooth was still too sore to use. I called Lloyd's cell phone and left a message describing the pain I was in and waited. I waited 3 days before I tried calling again. When you leave a doctor a message and he doesn't return your call, it's not because he didn't get it. Electronics have come a long way and that's just not one of the possibilities. I happened to know that Lloyd's parents are in town and he's spending time with them. Sabrina told me, before she took off for Colorado. Sabrina is his assistant. So, Wednesday I called both his cell phone and his office and left messages at both. About an hour later, I got a call from Lloyd, saying he got my message and here's what to do. He said, I'll call you tomorrow morning and schedule a time for you to come in, I think I know what's wrong. If I don't call you in the morning, you call me, okay? I agreed to that plan and here's where it fell apart. At 11 AM, I still hadn't heard from Lloyd, so I called there and left the obvious message. He never called me back! He told me he had hours all day and he'd be sure to work me in, but just left me hanging..............again! I did pay him in full for the 3 root canals and 3 crowns and all I've got is a toothache.

I sent a reply to the bully landlord last night explaining that I'm not going to let him hold me up for fines for weeds on his property (when in fact here were not any), when there were abundant weeds here when I moved in. I'm sure I haven't heard the end of this battle and who needed an extra war? Ultimately, I'm not making any long term plans here at this location and definitely feel a move in my near future. I sold my Expedition, where am I gonna find a truck to borrow?

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