Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is what I Go Through...

This really shouldn't count as a real posting, but when I came across this profile, I couldn't resist sharing it with you guys. Before I was done reading it, and it's rather long, so if you don't finish it, I'll understand, I was literally rolling on the floor. A little background on this woman: She has been on dating services longer than me. When was Love @ AOL, she was probably waiting in line to be the first member. She's annoyed me personally on 2 different occasions and I ignored her spotting certain lack of balance in her writing. She sells real estate for a living, which is synonymous with unemployed.

Hello Gentlemen! Homemade pie anyone? What's your favorite? I am a Midwest, for real kind of girl who loves dessert so that means I would love to have a guy who already works out 3-5 days a week in the gym like I do prior to meeting me so we can encourage/challenge each other to become even better and go together. With that said, NO OUT OF STATE GUYS, please live here already, you can't look someone in the eye or give a kiss or hug over the telephone. I love being outdoors in AZ in the Valley of the Sun! I live in the NW area (Peoria Sports Complex) and it would be great if my guy does because that makes a relationship more spontaneous. I value honesty and integrity, I have current pictures and take pride in how I look, I would want you to do the same. A GUY WHO TAKES CARE OF HIMSELF WILL TAKE CARE OF ME, (ask me what that means)!!!! I AM VERY ATTRACTED TO A MAN WHO HAS BIG BROAD SHOULDERS WITH LARGE HANDS and IS FIT AND understands CLASSY! This seems manly and sexy to me! It is all about choices, right?:) NOT into motorcycles, sorry guys!
I enjoy working out 3-5 days a week, walking my Yorkie Muffin, hiking, playing pool at home,going to sporting events,have 2 mtn. bikes-no fun alone, hiking, still have 2 tennis racquets-haven't played in awhile but love tennis,have my own golf clubs (can you teach me to play golf and smile along the way) laying by the pool,fireplaces, ice cream cones,reading books of real people's lives working through the challenges and victories of life, NOT INTO DRINKING/would rather workout or have dessert:) I love white carnations with one red rose.
I enjoy being active and spontaneous. I desire someone who is 6'-6'4,195-210 lbs.(not into short men - nothing against you, it's just a personal thing)desire a classy dresser ie. polo shirts with a collar/..silky AZ shirts,someone I can be proud of and has enough class to dress appropriately, might even consider a older mature man who understands the value,sexiness and intelligence of a great woman, MY GUY IS HAPPY AND HAS PICTURES WITH A SMILE REFLECTING YOUR FUN PERSONALITY, lives Healthy lifestyle, everything in moderation! I am a GREAT KISSER, enjoy going to sporting events, am playful,APPRECIATES FOX News, I enjoy great communication, you don't have to guess what is on my mind, DON'T CARE FOR PASSIVE COMMUNICATORS,ABSOLUTELY NO LIBERALS AND NO DEMOCRATS...INDEPENDENTS ONLY IF YOU LEAN TO THE RIGHT...NEED TO BE WITH LIKE MINDED PARTNER, NO EXCEPTIONS.
DESIRE INDEPTH TALKING AND COMMUNICATION, DESIRE A REAL LEADER- to me that means someone who is FUNNY, classy, outgoing and knows how to bring the best out in others, an optimist all the way! I attend Calvary, believe in Jesus Christ and expect the same from my guy (ask me what that means)The man who understands this will know what I am desiring in my life. My man has enough in common to take it to the next step. Honesty about who you are today is what's important, not what you did 3-5 years ago...NOT INTO MEN TAKING MEDS,NOT INTO OLD PICTURES, NO CATS, NO TATOOS, NO DRAMA, NO SMOKERS,NO GUT- guys, please you might be comfortable with who you are with an extra 25 lbs and think you only have 8 lbs to lose, that's OK for you but not OK for me, it is not sexually exciting. I am just being honest, I wish you guys were honest with yourselves. Let's face it, you wouldn't want to see me 25 lbs. over weight, right, it goes both takes effort at 55 to stay in shape, I am not perfect but certainly try to look my best, it makes me feel better and be even sexier with a high energy level. I live a healthy balanced lifestyle and would enjoy a guy who does the same, He loves to grill and have friends over. Desire that confident man who knows who he is and goes after it with a positive outlook on life, financially and emotionally secure. Legally divorced for at least 2 years, adult kids only! So where are you? P.S. I am a "Grammy" with a 15 month old granddaughter, what a blessing! Enjoying grandchildren and my small dog are very important to me also!

I am a fun loving Christian Businesswoman who is very outgoing and loves serving
others. It would be more enjoyable to share with someone like minded.
First Date
First dates are always fun for me, I love getting to know someone. We could meet
for coffee or wherever we desire at the moment.
Getting an ice cream cone is always FUN and enjoyable!
There are so many outdoor style restaurants and cafes to enjoy each others company!

Cloning should be perfected in a couple of years. I suggest she clone herself into a male and stop looking!

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