Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 70th Anniversary

My God, it seems like it was this day about a year ago. Once again it's my parents anniversary. Only this one is a big one. They were married in 1940 and today is their 70th anniversary. Don't let me confuse you, they're both dead. Mom left us in 1987 and dad held on until 1998, but I still celebrate their anniversary every year. There's only one other person still living on the planet that might even know that this is a special day, it's my older brother Larry, but he's not the type to remember it.

In other news, the dating circuit is boring me. There was one lady that I was about to write to without reading her profile. I get to a place where they all sound alike, so what's the point? At the last second I decided I'd better, just in case she's a Nazi. Hey, things like that happen. So for your reading please, this is what I found. After reading her profile, I not only didn't write to her, but blocked her from future searches. This profile outraged me so, that I'll even show you her picture, just in case you run into her at the grocery story.


I launched this section yesterday and, somehow, it vanished into cyberspace. What I had written was so good that I know I can't duplicate it today. Maybe inspiration will invade my brain tomorrow?
I must be prudent and open about my political beliefs. Just to keep future emotional damage at bay...I am conservative and can not relate to anyone who still thinks Barack Obama is fit for the job. His policies are screwing up our country. Enough "I inherited it" stuff! He owns it all.
If there is a man in my life, he must be a person of integrity with a lovely smile who listens to his inner force and "stretches" in many directions.
The universe guarantees that the unexpected always happens.

I'm not outraged because she doesn't like Barack Obama, I find it hideous that she chose to stand on a soap box and verbally relieve herself.
As an added side note: One thing that a lot of people don't know, is that when you read my blog, your information is recorded and supplied to the blog writer. I know who is reading me and where they are located. It comes to me through the stat counter and it records your IP number. It even shows me who is reading often 3 times a day, through their I-phone. I thought you'd get a laugh out of this reader's location:

Phuket, Thailand (oh well, Phuket)
Dynamic Ip For Broadband Service ( [Label IP Address]
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