Monday, January 28, 2008

Mel's Diner...

2004 Toyota Corolla (mint condition)
Around the first part of August last year, I went on my first date with Julie. The evening is outlined somewhere on this blog I believe. One thing that was never mentioned was that St. Jules is a thriving kleptomaniac. If you don't nail it down, it winds up at Julie's house. I cannot tell you how many items of mine don't get noticed missing, until I happen to notice them occupying a shelf or sitting on a dresser at the "Lovely Jules" house. (Have you noticed how the "Lovely Jules" is slowly becoming St. Jules?) Some time in the mid 90's, someone and I don't recall who, bought me a magnet for my refrigerator that read "Mel's Diner". I thought it was fitting and quickly put it up on my fridge. It sat there for over 10 years, when one day in the beginning of August 2007, Julie came along and stole it. I didn't notice it missing until one day shortly after our first date, I was at the home of St. Jules, and there on her fridge was a magnet just like mine. When I mentioned that I had the same one, she said I know, I took it! She told me the look on my face was worth a fortune that day. She told me that she liked it and thought it would be cute if she took it. I'm glad she wasn't particularly attracted to pictures of President Hamilton, as he appears on the hundred dollar bill! Since then, I've noticed quite a few of my belongings appearing at her house and being worn by her family members. I commented that the Santa hat that her grand daughter Emma is wearing in a picture, is just like the one that I have. With a straight face, Julie said, "Not anymore"! Over her fireplace, the is an elk's head skeleton wearing a couple of my ball caps. Getting those things back from the "Lovely Jules" seems out of the question. She really believes that since she stole them, they're hers. There's only one thing that really bothers me about the whole thing, SHE'S GOT MY CAR!!!



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