Sunday, January 6, 2008

A New Nash-Rambler!

My dream car...
Although I risk aging myself radically, I dare bring up the memory of an automobile that suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth. The Nash-Rambler, that was later known as just Rambler, that was finally known as American Motors. They were manufactured in a place called Racine, Wisconsin. Myself being born and raised in Chicago, as a teenager we often took the ride to Wisconsin to take advantage of their reduced drinking age of 18. Picture a carload of teenagers driving North to Wisconsin with nothing on their minds beside getting drunk on beer, then driving home. MADD would have a field day with us in modern times. Shortly after crossing the border, we would hit a town called Racine and we would start the fun rolling, as every resident of Racine drove an American Motors car. It didn't matter whether it was a Rambler Ambassador or just a Rambler American, it was going to be a Rambler. Here lied the secret. Rambler offered a ridiculously generous discount to the residents of Racine to purchase and drive a Rambler.

Can you imagine growing up in Racine and dreaming of the day you turn 16, so you can get your driver's license, so you can eventually drive a Rambler. Kids across the country were dreaming of Mustangs and Corvettes, while your dream was to be the Rambler American with the twin stick, 6 cylinder... How sad?

Everything in life is part of a continuum. It's what you expect out of life. If you expect more out of life than a Rambler, then that's what you will achieve. It's where you set your sights. It's whether you raise or lower the bar. But a Nash-Rambler, really?

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C.A. said...

You MUST post a picture of a Nash Rambler...since I have no idea what one looks like! :)