Friday, January 18, 2008

Once a Beautiful Palm Tree.....

2007-2008 Project...

Today is January 18, 2008 and I have been working on the removal of this deceased palm tree for about 3 months now and no end in sight. I recall removing another one once and I didn't have anywhere near the same trouble with time frame or difficulty, but it seems that the roots of this one are somewhere in China. It might seem odd, but when I dig into the Earth on this one, I can actually smell the fragrance of garlic and peanut oil indicating someone is cooking Chinese food near by. Upon further investigation however, the odor is coming from the hole that I dig indicating that I've gone too far, yet the tree stump is still in place. Evidently this particular tree came with a stronger constitution than most.
The poor tree was the victim of last winter's extreme weather. Our palm trees cannot withstand the cold temperatures we've been experiencing ever since Al Gone invented "global warming"... I wish he would just stick to politics where we can simply ignore him.
Moving on, I've investigated what permits I am required to get in order to use dynamite. Surely that will remove the stubborn stump and perhaps even the house?

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Eric Valentine said...

Just taking a peek, interesting site you have here.

I wondered about your Tree, could you burn it out, down to an acceptable level? Good Luck. :)