Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunday, Hiking!

Sunday is hiking day, I'm praying for rain! The "Lovely Jules" has told me twice this week that we are going hiking this weekend or she is going alone. I'm more than happy to go along with her, a little exercise never hurt anyone, unless you've been a couch potato and really take it seriously.

The "Lovely Jules" has really never been famous before, this is her first time. My son Brad called earlier this week and I made reference to Julie and I doing something and he retorted, the "Lovely Jules"! Well, I cracked up laughing as I didn't even know he read my blog. Hell, I didn't know he could even read! Just joking here, it's for his benefit. I also got an email today, from someone that was soliciting my business to purchase some Girl Scout cookies, that by the way I would be pleased to and she referred to the "Lovely Jules" too. Then there was Cindi Ann that wrote to me this morning regarding an issue and she also refers to Julie as the Lovely Jules. I asked the "Lovely Jules" what she thought about all of this and she replied, that as long as she isn't required to sign autographs. Truly, she got this great big smile on her face and I knew it was worth the mention..

There was a time when I hiked almost everyday, that time was when I was in my 40's though. When I'd reach the top of the mountain, it was almost like arriving in heaven. It was quiet, isolated and beautiful. That was when I felt the closest to God, never in a man made church. I used to hike Shaw Butte pretty often and at the summit, people would hang glide. I was always amazed at how someone could gather the nerve to just jump of a cliff with a man made apparatus and just hope for the best, but we'd seldom hear of an accident. Me, I was content to climb back down the mountain with the ground securely under my feet.
Well, it's Sunday and it rained all day. The only ones hiking today are the ducks. It seems that after yesterday's outing, there was not only rain, but no need for hiking today. The "Lovely Jules" spent the day "holed up" harassing everyone she came in contact with, myself included. What she didn't put in writing she shot out of her mouth today. She decided it was "HER" Sunday and it didn't belong to anyone else but she. She had borrowed my extra car for the weekend, as her truck was loaded up with product for Monday's delivery and when I asked for it back she told me she likes it and is keeping it. I reminded her that I have her vacuum cleaner and I'm holding it as collateral. She felt that it was a fair trade and told me where to put her vacuum cleaner!
I, in turn spent the day entertaining 2 constipated Great Danes that are as fond of the rain, as turkey's are of the oven. I've been told by a reliable source, that if write about my dogs one more time that I might lose 1/3 of my readers. I take heed.
I'd best close for now. It's been raining non-stop all day and the smart money is saying to build an ark!
Bogie's 10th Birthday~

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C.A. said...

Oh now that's just plain funny. Please tell the Lovely Jules I will loan her my very large Dolce and Gabana sunglasses and we shall train the Dynamic Duo to control the papparazzi.

Happy Birthday to the dog and hi to the son!

Happy Monday, Mel!