Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Banana Bread Recipe...

Please excuse the crack in the banana bread, we had an earthquake here!

A few days ago I wrote about how I'd bought a couple of cake mixes. What I really bought was banana bread mix and Saturday night, in lieu of having anything else to do, I compiled the required ingredients and cooked up the mother. Feminists would have you believe that this was something that can only be done with great concentration, but the truth is that students from the short bus could do it. Here is where this educated genius did get into little trouble. They made a big deal about having the right sized pan and I didn't have one of those and I think that's why mine kind of collapsed in the middle a little. Also, even though I used Pam on the pan, as instructed, it did stick to the bottom a little, I think I used the wrong kind of glue.

After cooking it an indeterminate amount of time, as it varied depending on your pan size, I stuck a toothpick into it and it came out clean as suggested. Voila! I had me a cooked banana bread fit for a king that likes his banana bread broken up a little.

Now pay attention here: This is the reason that I'm even bothering writing about such a mundane experience. This was given to me by an ex-daughter-in-law that is fat and fat chicks know their stuff about eating. She told me to spread a little peanut butter over the banana bread after heating it up just a little in the mike, like 15 seconds. These are 2 flavors that compliment each other. You'll LOVE it. I did! Evidently, so did the fat ex-daughter-in-law....

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C.A. said...

Now Mel, I know youre in a different time zone and all, being in Arizona, but is it REALLY July the 1st there?

ROFL...the bread looks delicious.